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    Logos designed at my full-time job for B2B type of companies.
    Marks that have been designed on a freelance basis in my spare time.
    Logos that may be purchased and customized for you.
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Freelance Logos
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I design logos and would be honored to create your EssentiaLogo
I started because I have a passion for designing logos and would rather utilize my spare time doing this than watching TV. It keeps my creative skills sharpened and gives me an adrenaline rush from making other people happy and their businesses successful.
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Logo Re-Design Example (Before and After)
A Visual Diagram of my 10 Step Design Process in Action
  1. Managing Director
The Process page will explain each of the 10 Steps I practice when designing a logo but the example (right) gives a general overview. This diagram shows the steps I followed in designing the new Cincinnati Fastener & Industrial Supply logo a few years ago at my full time job.
The visual (above) may be enlarged by clicking it so that you may see it more clealy.

Designing logos and developing them into
brand identities and across marketing materials
is my absolute favorite thing to do.