I started because I have a passion for designing logos and would rather utilize my spare time doing this than watching TV. It keeps my creative skills sharpened and gives me an adrenaline rush from making other people happy and their businesses successful.
Hello! My name is Todd Detering I’m an art director/graphic designer with more than 23 years of professional experience. I am a full-time Senior Art Director/Designer for a Cincinnati-based Business-to-Business marketing communications firm. This endeavor will allow me to do what I love in my spare time outside of my regular job and regular work hours.

I’ve always had a passion for logos and branding for as long as I can remember, even before I understood what it was. I was making posters and what amounted to a logo for a friend’s rock band as a teenager. But it was when I was in my first corporate identity class in college that my love affair with logo design and brand identity started.

I enjoy history of many kinds but especially the history of graphic design. I also like to keep up-to-date on current designers and trends for inspiration. I enjoy figuring out the thought process behind other designs - to deconstruct and work backwords to see how they created the design. I believe that inspiration from other designs does not lay in copying the actual design but rather applying a similar thought process to another set of graphic variables. Each logo and/or page layout is different from another but similar principles are applied and then added to the content provided by the client.

Art can be found all around us and inspiration for a new concept can come to us at the strangest moments, I can be in the shower or at a stop light and an idea thathas been incubating in my head might suddenly hit me and I cannot wait to get to my desk to explore the new idea. Designing is not just a 9 to 5 kind of job for me. Being creative is all of the time. My kids are used to me commenting on the design of a menu at a restaurant or the logo on the side of a tractor trailer.

My hope is that you review the next few pages of my work and enjoy the results of the time I put into designing them. If by chance you are looking to have a logo produced and feel my design style would be a good fit then, by all means, contact me and see what it leads. You just might end up with an EssentiaLogo.
I am a proud single father of my two great teenage kids. My daughter Abigail, is as creative and into the arts as I am while my son Skyler, is more analytically creative in the math and sciences. I am so proud of them and use the extra money freelance design work provides to supplement their needs.
I am a Kent State University Alumnus and 1993 Graduate of the School of Visual Communication Design.