Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions before
getting started. Answering them ahead of time will allow us to get to your EssentiaLogo quicker.
How much does a logo typically cost?

The cost of an EssentiaLogo design is typically a flate fee rate between $350 and $750. As a service based product the cost will vary based on current demand, specific requirements and perceived complexity.

This may sound like a lot of money because doing a search online you may find some offering logos as low as $30 and up. What you are paying with me for an EssentiaLogo is the process and expertise. There are some designers overseas who are not experienced and will not take the time to understand your business or learn about your competition and quite frankly may defraud you and charge hidden fees at the end of the process. You might not even obtain the copyright to the logo that you paid for. The other possible pitfall is paying for a logo that is hard to use after receiving it. You might get a low resolution bitmap file that is not a vector-based logo. Please be careful.

I am based in Cincinnati, OH. I graduated from the Kent State University School of Visual Communications 23 years ago. I will apply my experience and brainstorming techniques that will allow me to tailor and EssentiaLogo for you. The process may take 10-20 hours from start to finish and the end result will be a logo that you are proud of and your clients admire. You will receive more than just one logo file. Please read the list of deliverables you will receive as well as the copyright.

You don’t want to cut corners on your logo. It is the face of you and your business and is an investment to be taken seriously with me or any other designer you should choose to work with.

Any possible additional costs?

The only additional cost that could be incurred would be the purchase of a font specifically for use in your logo. I have more than 1,000 fonts in my collection but there are times when the logo would be best served with something special and new fonts are being created everyday. The added value of a specialty font is that no other business or logo is using it. I would provide a detailed request and have your approval prior to purchasing the font. If you were to purchase a font then I would also turn over the rights to the font in addition to the copyright of your EssentiaLogo.

Do you receive the Copyright to your logo?

Yes! Once the logo has been approved and remainder 50% payment submitted, I will transfer the ZIP file and contents (listed above) as well as the copyright to your EssentiaLogo. The only stipulation I have is that I reserve the right to present the logo in my portfolio of work.
What is the timeframe to complete a logo?

Since I am working on a freelance basis outside of my full time job and designing in my spare time the entire process could take up to 2 weeks from start-to-finish. This time frame is also dependent on the amount of changes to the designs and response time of your feedback.

Changes to your logo selection?

I will make as many rounds of revisions to the logo that you select from the 3 logos presented in the design phase. This may include size, placement, color options or anything else that may develop but my goal is to make you completely satisfied with your final and approved logo.

Once approved, what do receive?

Once your logo design is approved and second half of your project fee received, I will supply you with a ZIP file that contains the following deliverables:
  • Vector-Based Files (AI, EPS and PDF)
  • Bitmap Files (JPG and PNG)

All flle types will be generated for the following (3) color versions of the approved logo:
  • Full-color
  • 1-color black (all logos should be able to reproduce in 1 color)
  • 1-color white (reverse or knockout)
    • Although a white (reverse) logo cannot be generated for a JPG file because it would be a white logo on a white background box. PNG files are better because they have a transparent background and can be placed on backgrounds other than white and not get that clunky white box around the logo in Word and/or PowerPoint for example.

  • Logo Reference Sheet - This sheet is a handy reference tool when dealing with vendors of any kind. The sheet will detail the following:
    • Font(s) used in the logo design will be detailed and shown along with the font name(s)
    • Color breakdowns of all colors used in the logo. The logo will use PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors. The PMS color(s) will be broken down into their CMYK, RGB and Web color equivalents.
    • Color LOGOS full color, 1-color black and 1-color white (reverse) will be shown on the page with a list of the file names next to them for visual reference
How many logos will you receive?

At the end of the process, you will own the copyright to the final and approved logo design once the final payment has been received. You will have been provided with (3) logo options in the design phase but you do not get to keep or have copyrights to the (2) logos that are not selected. You receive the EssentiaLogo you selected and approved as well as its copyright in exchange for the flat fee payment agreed upon.

What you don’t like the first set of (3) logos?

I design the logo based on goals which I created based on answers provided at the start of the project. This will include information about the business, and will also cover any specific requirements you may have.

The logo design is based on goals derived from the project brief which is in turn based on answers you provided about your business, target audience and competition. There is design rationale behind the decisions made in process and should perform because of sound thought. The logo should not become a beauty contest but will instead perform for your business because of the principles on which is was designed.
You can never say never, and I would like to say never, but in the event you were to not like any of the (3) logos that you have been presented with then you will not have to make the full payment. I do take 50% of the project payment up front in order to get started. So if you don’t like the work done for you, then you don’t need to pay the final 50%.

How do I get started?

Contact me to get started. Let's talk about your project and see if you feel comfortable to begin the process. If you do then I would need half of the agreed upon project fee to begin, Then we can get started oin the Project Brief.